How to Design an Effective Cutting Diet Before a Bodybuilding Meet

Cutting is one of the most essential aspects of fitness. There are many times when a bodybuilder will have to have a strong cutting plan.

What's the best diet when "cutting"
What’s the best diet when “cutting” – trying to lose fat

Before a meet, many bodybuilders will start their cutting plan ten to twelve weeks out.

It is vital that the cutting diet being followed is conducive with taking supplements.

There are many different factors to consider when planning a lengthy cut. Not only must the diet be effective, but it also needs to supply the proper vitamins and nutrients the body needs. Here are several things to remember about designing a cutting diet while on steroids or other performance enhancers.


Think Long Term

The best diet is one that forces the bodybuilder to think long term. There are many people who go on a crash diet to quickly gain or lose weight. Over the long term, this can cause a lot of damage to the body. Many lifters must retain as much muscle mass as possible when trying to lose weight.

Taking on a crash diet may drop weight, but most of this weight will be muscle loss and fat. Taking a longer term approach forces a person to think about how to design an effective plan for the body and mind.


Get Nutrients

Anyone who is trying to cut must be in a caloric deficit. Depending on the amount of weight to lose, this caloric deficit may differ by person.

Many people simply disregard what kind of nutrients their body is getting while on a cutting diet. However, this can cause a lot of damage to the body over the course of several years. Always make sure that a cutting diet has plenty of vitamins and nutrients.


Drink Water

Taking performing enhancing supplements is a decision that many bodybuilders make when competing. One of the most important aspects of this decision is staying as hydrated as possible.

There are many side effects to taking a large amount of supplements, and one of the most damaging is the fact that more pressure is put on the organs in the body. Staying hydrated can go a long way in limiting this damage. Always make a point to include water consumption in any cutting diet.



Protein is an essential element in building and sparing muscle mass while on a cut. There are many different rules of thumb in fitness, but most people agree that one gram per pound of body weight is enough to keep muscle on the body.

Protein Rich Foods

During a caloric deficit, the body is going to grab energy from different parts of the body through muscle or fat. By eating enough protein, the bodybuilder can ensure that the caloric deficit leads to a reduction in fat and not muscle mass.


Plan For Sleep

Being on a long term caloric deficit can really take a toll on energy levels. One of the best ways to combat this is to plan for a lot of sleep every night. Sleep can help to reboot the body and make it function more effectively. Anyone who has ever tried to workout on a bad night’s sleep knows just how difficult it can be.


Always make sure to put some margin in your life for sleep while on a long term cutting plan. This will not only lead to better results, but sleep will also increase energy levels throughout the day.



Carbohydrate Load


One of the most common food types to cut out of a cutting diet is carbohydrates. This can be very effective over a short period of time in reducing body fat.


However, it is important to cycle through a large amount of carbohydrates every few days. This will help to keep the body in a regular state from an energy level perspective.


Cook Meals You Love

Eating on a cutting diet can be difficult. Many people think of dieting as a punishment or a chore. It it vital to cook meals that you love eating. A bodybuilder will be much more likely to stick to a plan over the long term if the meals taste good.

There are many different ways to flavor food in a way that it tastes good for long periods of time. Many bodybuilders cook their meals for the week at the same time, so it is vital the food being used retains its taste over a period of several days.


Supplement Wisely

Almost every professional bodybuilder supplements with some sort of product. However, there can be negative

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consequences to supplementing too much while on a cutting diet. The body is going to be in a state of caloric deficit, so it is important to not push the body too hard while working out.


Many people try to supplement in order to increase energy levels for workouts. However, this will lead to long term fatigue and less success with the cutting plan. Getting a good amount of sleep every night is a much better way to increase energy levels during a cutting plan.




Focus on Losing Fat

Perhaps the most important thing for bodybuilders to do during a cutting diet is to focus on losing fat. So many people get caught up in what the scale says each time they weight in.

There are a lot more factors that determine whether a cutting diet is successful than just total body weight. It is important to retain muscle mass on the body for several reasons.

Not only does this increase the metabolic rate of a person, but it will also make them much less susceptible to injury. Always be sure to concentrate on losing fat while on a cutting plan rather than just weight. The results will be much better and the bodybuilder will have higher energy levels as well.