7 “Clean Eating” Rules you need to know

In our world, people are constantly attempting to lose weight whether by diet, exercise, or a combination of the two. Diets can work, but they don’t always stick. Eventually, people can cave because they’re not giving their bodies what they need.

Instead of trying another weird diet, try eating clean. Not only will you be cutting out the foods that hurt you, you’ll also be eating things that are still necessary for you to stay healthy.

Below are 7 rules to help you start and keep clean eating habits.

They might not sound easy at first, but once you’ve kept to these rules for several weeks, they’ll stop being a struggle and start making you feel better than you have before.


#1 – Say “No” To Processed Foods

Generally, no processed foods are good for you.

Processed foods are stripped of their nutrients. This means that when you’re eating something that’s been processed, you’re simply filling your stomach, not providing your body with a good source of energy.

Foods that aren’t processed not only give your body energy, but they also tend to taste better and make you feel more satisfied after eating it.


#2 – Say “Yes” To Fresh Produce

Fresh produce, specifically fruits and vegetables, are full of fiber which will fill your stomach without adding on calories and will slowly digest, making you feel fuller, longer.

There’s an added bonus as well – fresh fruits and vegetables are free from salts and processed sugars, so they won’t make your cravings spike later.


#3 – Drink Less Caffeine

Caffeine tends to mess with one’s energy levels, causing sleeping problems and an influx in anxiety. Both of these can lead to weight gain.

Stress kicks up cortisol levels which, in turn, can increase cravings for junk food. Lack of sleep will do the exact same thing.


#4 – Ban Additional Sugar

Sugar gets burned quickly in the body, spiking up blood sugar levels. Once the sugar is spent, though, the body crashes, causing a craving for more sugar to occur.

No weight loss can come out of a blood sugar roller coaster.

The easiest way to remove additional sugar is to simply not put it in your food or drinks. No sugar in your tea and coffee.

Another good way is to read the labels on your foods.

There tends to be a lot of sugar in some processed or packaged foods. If this is the case for your favorites, switch to a better brand with less sugar.


#5 – Drink Less Liquor

While a night out on the town drinking with some friends sounds like an amazing time, doing so might hurt your weight loss plans.

Most alcoholic drinks have sugar in them. A lot of sugar. So much so that many professionals talk about alcohol as “empty calories”.

Truthfully, alcohol has no nutritional value to it. It’s better to nix it entirely.


#6 – Beware Of Salt

Additional salt in the body can lead to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease or stroke.

It’s important to read the labels on products and pick foods are have less salt than others to avoid serious health complications.


#7 – Switch To Whole Grains

Refined grains are processed. This means, as with other processed foods, they’re stripped of their nutrients and pumped with artificial ingredients to fill their place.

Grains shouldn’t be taken out of your diet though. In fact, whole grains can improve your digestive system and reduce bloating that makes us feel and appear larger than we really are.