5 Exercises That Will Burn More Calories Than Running

Running is all good and well, but for some it’s not ideal. And that’s completely ok, and maybe even better for you. Instead of being outside hitting the pavement or inside plastered to a treadmill while zoning out to whatever is on the TV in the gym, there are a host of other exercises that will get you in better shape, faster.

Running couple

While burning an average of one hundred calories per ten minutes while running is nice, you can do better.

Plus, doing these exercises regularly will tone you and build muscle in ways running to burn calories never could. A faster workout with a better result – what more could you ask for? Read on to find out what exercises you should be including in your regimen to get and maintain the body you want, starting today.


Kettlebell Swing

KettleBell Swing

This exercise is named after the type of weight you’ll need to complete it. The kettlebell is typically a round metal weight with a flat bottom and a thick, single metal handle positioned on the top of the weight. Although it’s a very versatile weight, the starting position for the standard exercise begins with the weight on the floor and your hands grasping the handle. Swing the weight upwards with both arms outstretched to about shoulder level, and then dip the weight back down through your legs with your knees bent, all the while with arms and back straight to finish one repetition.

The benefit of this exercise is that it utilizes muscle groups which usually don’t get any action, and it’ll definitely get you burning calories at a higher rate than running.

Based on studies sponsored by the American Council on Exercise of the kettlebell in action, expect to burn at least 30% more calories per time spent using the kettlebell as opposed to getting your jog on.




The beautiful thing about burpees is that you don’t need any equipment to do them except for some discipline and a desire to burn some fat. The starting position for this calorie-crushing calisthenic is standing upright, followed by squatting down with hands on the floor, shooting your legs out behind you in order to be in the pushup position, completing one pushup, bringing the legs back to the starting position, and ending by exploding upwards by jumping with your arms above your head. And for your reward?

Get cut by burning up to 14 calories more per minute, or 40% more than running.



Jumping Rope

Rope Jump

If jumping rope is good enough for every boxer who has ever fought competitively in the ring, isn’t it also good enough for you? Of course it is. Start with a normal jump rope if you’re just getting in to shape or haven’t jumped rope in a while in order to get your endurance and coordination down to complete this exercise. After you’re ready, or if you’re gutsy enough to try from the outset, get yourself a weighted jump rope for even more fat incineration.

With a normal jump rope, it’s estimated on average that you’d have to run faster than an eight minute mile to burn as many calories in the same time period.

And with a weighted jump rope, you’ll be getting an even better workout while also toning your arms, shoulders, and back. Hop to it!



“Cindy” sounds like a doll, but she’s more of a fitness dominatrix.

This workout consists of completing five pull-ups, followed by ten pushups, and finally fifteen squats without weight.

The goal is to do as many reps as possible within twenty minutes and to take breaks as needed along the way, unless your only weakness on this planet is kryptonite and you’re able to go for the whole session. Just like our good friend Mr. Burpee, Ms. Cindy will clock you out at up to 14 calories per minute. Go find yourself a nice bar to pull yourself up on, or even a lonely set of monkey bars, and you’ve got everything you need for this one.


Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing: young man cross-country skiing

While this is a little more exotic than our previously mentioned exercises, for those with a penchant for winter weather and winter sports, cross-country skiing may be just the thing. The beauty of this exercise is that your whole body will perpetually be in motion while straining to keep you moving.

While your legs push against the packed snow, your arms will be pulling as well with every swing. Expect to burn an average of 30% more calories with your skis on than you would with your running shoes.

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